Fibre Processing and Manufacturing

World-Class Fibre Processing Locally

Fibre Processing at Ivili Loboya includes the following:

  • low quality wool processing for insulation. Commercialization follows intensive research and incubation (see Ivili Insulation). This creates immense opportunities for communal farmers through the use of needle punch machinery to deliver quality, energy-saving fibre insulation.
  • wool chlorination for high quality duvet and pillow inners with energy-saving and health benefits
  • coloured (brown/black) wool processing for insoles and other products
  • cashmere (dehairing and combing, spinning) for sliver and yarn making
  • Knitters, stitching machines and weavers for finished fabrics.


Contact Ivili Loboya for your Fibre Processing needs – from Grease Wool scouring and Chlorination right through to Cashmere Processing. We offer the opportunity for local value-addition, instead of purchasing these services outside of South Africa.

Wool For The World. Naturally African.