Transformation In Action

MaVili Drive

The Ivili Loboya processing plant is built on a value chain approach that recognizes communal farmers – mostly women – together with other suppliers, including commercial farmers and wool agents as value actors. The plant is also a culmination of many years of research and development for creating transformational partnerships.


Our Strategic Intent:

“To empower African smallholder farmers as value actors with concomitant integration into the local and global value chains” through:


  • Value chain integration of smallholder farmers into the exchange economy;
  • Improving productivity through agronomic and business development skills;
  • Upscaling and commercializing subsistence / small-scale farmers;
  • Promoting active access and participation by women into the entire value chain (focus on enablers);
  • Promoting household-level entrepreneurship.


Through our ‘MaVili Drive‘ we are working with a group of women who handspin yarns and create handwoven and handknit items for the high-end market.

Another group of women is involved in the production of machine knitted garments and other fashion and homeware items, offering this capability to local and international fashion and interior designers.






Wool For The World. Naturally African.