Ivili Insulation

Energy-saving and Sound Absorbing

Ivili Wool Insulation
Catalyzing the transition from synthetics to a low carbon economy, Ivili Wool Insulation offers a viable, sustainable alternative to existing widely-used insulation materials. The benefits are apparent:
  • Energy saving (ensures warm winters and cool summers)
  • Healthy option (prevents allergies)
  • Sound absorbing (helps to overcome noise pollution)
Application areas:
  • As per the new South African building regulations introduced in 2011, all new buildings must be energy efficient. In order to achieve this, all new buildings must be insulated and old buildings need to be fitted with insulation materials. In a building, the majority of the heat loss is through the roof/ceiling. With the ever increasing electricity price and new building regulation, building insulation now becomes more important than ever, and a good thermal insulation product will contribute to energy saving.
    According to CSIR research, the wool insulation product performs both thermal and sound insulation simultaneously, at a relatively low cost. Apart from these main functions, the products have low moisture absorption properties (<5%) and adequate fire characteristics (it can easily withstand 400°C, without any fire coating).

Wool For The World. Naturally African.